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Premium Steak Basket

Premium Steak Basket

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Enhance your Easter celebration with our prime steak basket, perfect for cooking for a special occasion or giving as a thoughtful gift. Experience the superior quality and tenderness of our premium steaks with our prime steak basket. Made for special occasions or as a thoughtful gift, these steaks are sure to impress with their succulent flavor and juicy texture. Plus, with each bite you'll be getting a high-quality source of protein, making your Easter celebration not only delicious but also nutritious. Bring your meals to the next level with our prime steak basket.

Included is: One 2lb-4lb Cowboy Cut Rib Steak, two 10oz Filet Mignon Steaks, one 24oz Porterhouse Steak, one 16oz Rib Steak, and one 12oz Ribeye Steak. In addition, customers will receive a complimentary S Ranch Meats cooler bag while supplies last.

Montana-Born. Pasture-Raised. No added hormones.


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