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Packaging and Shipping Process


All S Ranch Meats’ beef is processed at our local, USDA inspected facility in Hardin, Montana. Receiving a USDA Federal Grant of Inspection was of primary importance to S Ranch Meats because S Ranch Meats had the twin goals of producing flavorful, high-quality beef and meeting or exceeding all food safety standards that are required for the USDA’s seal of approval. The flavorful, quality beef has always been part of our story, but in 2021 we also achieved our safety goals when S Ranch Meats was awarded a Federal Grant of Inspection from the USDA (to learn more about what is required to be USDA Inspected, see here: Inspection of Meat Products | Food Safety and Inspection Service ( To view S Ranch Meat’s Federal Grant of Inspection, see here: S Ranch Meats, LLC | Food Safety and Inspection Service (

After S Ranch Meats’ beef is processed, it is professionally packaged in vacuum-sealed, high-quality packaging to ensure a fresh product even if kept in the freezer for up to six months. After packaging, all products that will be shipped are placed in our freezers either at the processing facility itself or at our retail store located approximately two miles away. When you place an online order, we will send you an order confirmation email and prepare your products for shipment. We pack and ship online orders in our premium insulated boxes covered in a layer of dry ice to ensure all beef products stay below 40° degrees throughout the shipping and delivery process.


Shipping and Delivery Fulfillment Process

S Ranch Beef can be shipped directly to your doorstep

We ship to all continental states in the United States. All beef orders can be shipped to you, whether as individual items, custom-created boxes, or pre-selected boxes. Please note all shipped beef will be frozen and packed in dry-ice for shipping. Product will arrive frozen or partially frozen and is in good condition for thawing or freezing so long as the internal temperature of any partially thawed product is below 40°.