Where does your beef come from?

100% of the beef products we sell have never left our family's ownership or control from the time of birth to processing. All S Ranch cattle are raised in the beautiful ranch country that lies between the Yellowstone and Bighorn rivers on the red-rock hills and stirrup-high grass near Pryor, Montana, including all our mother cows. To keep our genetics strong and our cattle herd healthy, we purchase our bulls from outstanding producers in the cattle industry who have reputations for excellence. All S Ranch bulls come from the Vermillion Ranch in Montana (owned by the legendary Pat Goggins' family) or the Schiefelbein Farms of Minnesota, another name in the industry that is synonymous with quality.

What do S Ranch cattle eat?

Our cattle get the majority of their feed from native rangeland and pasture grasses along with locally-sourced crops and grains to ensure quality health and nutrition in each animal.

Is S Ranch Meats' beef USDA inspected?

Yes S Ranch Meats' takes great pride in two things: we produce excellent, quality beef with outstanding flavor and we do it safely! S Ranch Meats' family-owned processing facility operates under a USDA Federal Grant of Inspection, which means all meat processed at our facility is inspected by trained, federal food inspectors for safety and quality before it can leave our facility. Weather you are purchasing beef raised by us or seeking custom-cut services for your own herd, take comfort in knowing that every animal that goes through our facility is inspected and meets all federal regulations required for USDA Federal Grant of Inspection. To learn more about what it means to be USDA Inspected, click here: Inspection of Meat Products | Food Safety and Inspection Service (usda.gov)

Is S Ranch Meats' beef graded for quality?

If you've ever bitten into an S Ranch Meats' Steak, you know it's quality! S Ranch Meats does not "officially" grade its meat. The reason has everything to do with the logistics and cost of hiring and scheduling a federal meat grader and nothing to do with our quality. Our beef has a long history of grading exceptionally well, but we cannot market our beef as graded without an on-site grader.

Do you give your cattle hormones?

Never! S Ranch beef is 100% hormone-free. S Ranch Meats is committed to raising cattle that are allowed to grow up naturally and our herd has been hormone-free for over twenty years, long before it was trendy. Our delicious beef is 100% the result of excellent nutrition, first-rate genetics, clean water, and sustainable practices.

Are you certified organic?

No. We are not certified organic, although all our animals are pasture-raised and spend most of their lives out on the open range eating native grasses that have never been exposed to herbicides. In the event we do have to engage in weed management (a rare occurrence), we do not graze any pasture where herbicides may have been used for at least six months after spraying. We also make it a priority to purchase locally-sourced feed for our cattle as much as possible. Because of this decision, we are able to contribute to the local farming and ranching economy where we are raising our families, something that is important to us as community members. Although not all our locally-sourced feed is certified organic as organic certifications can be somewhat cost-prohibitive for our local producers, we have a personal relationship with the farmers and growers in this area and have full faith in their ability to raise quality, nutritious feed for our animals.

Do you treat your cattle with antibiotics?

The health of our cattle herd is of paramount importance. Without healthy, happy cattle, S Ranch Beef would not exist. Although some producers will state they NEVER use antibiotics, we do not believe this is doing right by the animals that may need treatment for optimal health.

Occasionally, cattle out on the ranch may incur an eye or hoof injury attributable to grass stems in the foraging areas or a rock or mud getting stuck in the animals’ hooves. Like us, the winter months may result in some animals experiencing the human-equivalent of cold-like symptoms. Leaving these injuries or illness untreated is just not humane in our view, and we will use antibiotics for treatment if necessary to bring the animal back to 100% health.

With that said, we do not process an animal for beef that has been treated with antibiotics unless it has returned to 100% health and been off antibiotic treatment for a minimum of sixty (60) days. This withdrawal period exceeds standard industry guidelines by over two weeks. S Ranch Beef takes pride in how well our herd health is managed and maintained, and our cattle’s health records show that year-after-year, fewer than 5% of our cattle ever receives an antibiotic.

What day do you ship orders?

We ship every Tuesday Orders must be placed before 12:00 p.m. MST on Thursday in order to be shipped the following Tuesday Any order placed after 12:00 p.m. on Thursday will ship the following week. Your package will arrive in 2-3 business days once shipped.

What carrier do you use?

UPS or FedEx.

Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

Unfortunately, no. We cannot deliver to P.O. Boxes, A.P.O. or F.P.O. addresses. We deliver to street addresses only. We will also gladly ship to rural routes because we know what it’s like to live out in the boonies! For rural routes, please ensure you provide us with a complete address, contact phone number, and any special instructions for the carrier.

My order was delayed in the mail and is partially thawed. Is it safe to eat?

Even if a product is partially thawed, it is still safe to re-freeze or completely thaw for cooking so long as the temperature of the beef did not exceed 40° Fahrenheit.

How long can I store S Ranch Meats' beef in the freezer?

All our products are vacuum-sealed in strong, quality packaging to ensure a long-lasting freezer life of up to six months.

I raise my own beef. Do you offer custom-cut services for someone like me?

Yes! Although we only offer our home-grown, S Ranch-raised beef for purchase, we gladly offer custom-cut services to our local ranchers and farmers or anyone seeking custom-cut services. Please call us at (406) 679-5032
for pricing and dates.

How can I get in touch with you?

We’d love to hear from you! Please contact us via email at info@sranchmeats.com (mailto:info@sranchmeats.com) or call us at 406-679-5032 with any questions, com
ments or concerns. We appreciate your business!