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About S Ranch Meats


S Ranch Meats is 100% family-owned and operated. It goes without saying that it’s a great privilege to work together as a family. It also goes without saying that working together as a family results in some serious arguing and fit-throwing! Jim and Marcie Scott and their three children Sarah (KC) Verhelst, Hannah (Jordan) Knudsen and Caleb (Cassie) Scott all own and work together in the business and share deep ranching roots going back generations. The entire family competes in rodeo and all share a passion for good horses, cattle, and the “Western” way of life.

Because ranching and riding has always been an integral part of the Scott family’s life, S Ranch Meats’ founding was a natural extension of the family’s existing passions. The family had long been concerned about the handful of monolithic, international corporations that controlled the American beef supply. Ranchers were essentially at the mercy of the big “packers” when selling their cattle as very few local, USDA inspected butcher shops existed in rural states like Montana. This left local producers with few, if any, options on where to process their cattle.

The economic threats facing the American family ranch came to a head during the Coronavirus Pandemic in 2020. Some of the large packing houses temporarily closed, and ranchers were at the mercy of international corporations when the time came to sell their livestock. The entire American beef supply was in jeopardy and grocery shelves were empty in many parts of the country. The paradox of seeing thousands of quality cattle roaming throughout the countryside and yet no meat on the shelves motivated the Scott Family to do something. It was out of these circumstances that S Ranch Meats was born.

S Ranch Meats’ is a USDA inspected butcher shop that offers custom-cut services to local ranchers and locally-raised beef to the consumer. It strives to preserve many of the values Americans’ care about most when it comes to their food: engaging in and building the local economy, supporting American farmers and ranchers, and, most importantly, providing delicious, quality, American-raised beef with no added hormones to you at a fair price.


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