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Little Bear Coulee

Little Bear Coulee

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Get the Bear Coulee Box at a small-party size. This box includes 10 pounds of ground beef, packaged in 1 pound portions.

At 80/20 lean-to-fat percentage, this flavorful ground is ideal for juicy burgers, tender meatloaf, or your favorite taco meat. This is a great box to stock up your freezer or cookout for your family and friends.

Montana-Born. Pasture-Raised. No added hormones.

From the Wagon Cook: 

Bear Coulee is a pasture on the S Ranch where baby calves are born and spend the summer. It’s big and rough and hot in August. Jim’s kids remember gathering it on horseback on a 100+ degree day when they were little, and Jim telling them real cowboys tough it out without a single drink of water. He failed to mention that he was joking, or that he helped himself to the ice-cold water jug stashed in the truck all day. By the end of the gather, the three kids were parched and Jim was pleasantly hydrated. (But I suppose we know which were the real cowboys…)

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