Custom Processing

S Ranch Meats’ gladly offers custom-cut services at our USDA Inspected facility to our local ranchers and farmers or anyone seeking a custom-cut! Please call (406) 679-5032 for pricing and dates. We have slots open now! We are not able to ship custom-cut beef. Pickup in Hardin, Montana, is required. Once we’ve completed processing your order, we’ll give you a call and arrange a pickup time at our warehouse in Hardin.

Standard Custom-Cut Sheet:

Keep things simple with our standard cut list (below) or visit with us about further customizing your beef cuts! A whole beef includes a generous supply of ground beef—choose to turn some of that ground into premium patties for your next backyard cookout!

S Ranch Meats standard cut sheet for a whole beef includes the following:

  • Ribeye Steaks — 20
  • New York — 20
  • Filet Minon — 12
  • Sirloin — 10
  • Tri-Tip — 2
  • Flat Iron — 4
  • Stew Meat — 12 lbs
  • Roast — 8
  • Short Rib — 9 packages
  • Brisket — 2
  • Flank — 2
  • Skirt — 4
  • Cube Steak — 20 packages
  • Chuck Steak — 16
  • Ground Beef — 200 lbs (ground beef comes in 1 lbs packages unless requested otherwise)

FAQs on Custom Processing: Your Guide to Perfection.

Do You Offer Freezer Storage?

YES! Do you have a beef ready for processing but you’re short on freezer space? S Ranch Meats offers freezer space at its Hardin, Montana facility. Get your beef processed and we will keep whatever you can’t store in our freezers for as long as you need. Monthly rental fee is required and is based on weight.

How Do I Schedule A Custom Processing?

Please call (406) 679-5032 to schedule your custom processing.

What Kind Of Packaging Does S Ranch Meats Use?

All of our cuts come vacuum-sealed to ensure long-lasting quality.

Am I Able To Have My Custom Lables Put On My Meat Products?

Yes! So long as they are USDA approved. We can help in making this a smooth process for you!