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Porterhouse Steak Bundle

Porterhouse Steak Bundle

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Savor the finest cuts of beef with our exclusive Porterhouse Steak Bundle, featuring two colossal 32oz Porterhouse steaks alongside three mouthwatering 24oz Porterhouse steaks. Perfectly aged for exceptional tenderness and flavor, treat yourself or surprise someone special with the epitome of steak perfection. Our Porterhouse Steak Bundle ensures you enjoy premium quality beef at its finest. Order now and discover why our steaks are a cut above the rest.

    The larger portion of the Porterhouse contains more of the strip steak, while the smaller portion contains more of the tenderloin. This cut is highly prized for its combination of tenderness and flavor, making it a favorite among steak enthusiasts.

    • 2- 32oz Porterhouse Steaks
    • 3- 24oz Porterhouse Steaks 


    Montana-Born. Pasture-Raised. No added hormones. 

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